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In a Post CoVid era, the ability to facilitate customer numbers in-store by building floor or department level is critical. To Queue outside or indeed inside will be unacceptable. To know your customer & offer what they want on promotion instead of a blanket coupon will change customer engagement for the good

In the ever-competitive area of Retail, the ability to examine Retail analytics has never been greater. Limitless offers you the opportunity to be better than your competition & be a better version of your brand.

Our unique retail technology and analysis algorithms allow you to identify key in-store and profit opportunities, and greatly improve store conversion levels similar to that on digital channels. Reducing the abandoned basket, lost sales, out of stocks and stock not on sale.  We analyse customer travel paths, dwell time and areas visited to deliver solutions for queue management, merchandising, sales, and even product placement; providing you and your customers with the most beneficial in-store experience.

We can accurately measure and examine your sales, abandoned baskets, product returns, transaction values to increase basket size.  We can also advise you on the ultimate visitor to staffing ratios to improve staff efficiency and increase sales. Additionally, our insights into your business can support retail benchmarking between stores and sites.

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Customer & Business Insights

Many retailers have too much data and are maybe even drowning in their own data.  Many suppliers also have too many sources we extract the insights and make your data work for you.

By knowing your customer.  We can help you understand them in granular detail by measuring the impact of the touchpoints on their journey to purchase, whether it is online or offline, and across all devices seamlessly.  Creating true personalisation through micro-segmentation. Create digital audiences and track their journey from digital to physical.

By understanding your business pain points and giving you the correct solutions we utilise your existing data and leverage insights to drive your business forward.  Instead of driving customers to unit price we deliver real value for your customers and drive more margin in your business with proper insights  

Limitless brings you the In-Store Sales Funnel tool.

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One channel Marketing & Engagement

Many companies still use seasonable & period marketing giving away blanket margins funded by suppliers. By getting your marketing personal & relevant drive redemption levels and grow margin.  Bring back impulse purchasing  by marketing to your customers while they are in your store. Without an App.

It is no longer enough to treat your customers as one mass group with the same motivations and interests, you need to make each individual person feel valued through personalised and relevant messaging. The more integrated and connected a consumer is with your business, the more your brand will bond to them.

We offer a valuable customer assessment by analysing their journey and interactive history so that when your customer interacts with your brand the exchange is seamless. By using this opportunity to rethink your customer interactions, you can be more relevant and valuable to them by providing fast and targeted messages that convert. Grow your sales by marketing to your customers immediately while they are in your store. Connect Digital to Physical to create truly omni channel marketing.

This two-way conversation will encourage more loyal and engaged customers who are integrated with your products and services and will be less likely to shop elsewhere.

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