How do I contact support ?

Send an email to us to create a support ticket at support@limitlessinsights.com

How do I report a bug ?

you can email us to create a support ticket at  support@limitlessinsights.com

How do I reset Limitless Password ?

On the login screen to the Limitless Dashboard, click ‘Forgot Password’. Type in the email address and submit.

If the email address you entered matches a record in our System then an email will be sent out with one time code.

Find the email sent to your inbox (Always check your spam folder as it can end up there!)

On the popup window of dashboard type in a new Password (Make sure it’s in-line with our Password Requirements) with the one time code from email.

Can users ‘opt out’ ?

Users have the ability to unsubscribe from the service at any time, which means their details will not be included in future email marketing you send via Limitless app

To do this users can click the ‘Unsubscribe’ button located at the bottom of every email they receive

Users have the right to have their personal data erased as per our Privacy Policy via https://www.limitlessinsights.com/my-data/

Does Limitless provide Hardware ?

Limitless is primarily a software platform so we do not provide hardware.  In the case of WiFi you must have your own hardware and an existing network in order to deploy Limitless but we do work with recommended installers.

What Happens if my licence expire ?

You can monitor your current licensing by visiting the ‘Licensing Status’ area of the portal.  We will contact you in advance of any upcoming license expiry to check in and ensure there is no disruption to our service.  If you are using Presence and/or Location then it is vital your licensing remains in place and is not allowed to expire to prevent any data loss.

What type of licenses do I need ?

There are several different license types available, each with different features.

Where do I send a GDPR related request ?

For any GDPR requests you can email us at dpo@limitlessinsights.com

Where can I find your SLA ?

Standard SLA

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